Curtain Headings


Each set of curtains is individually handmade at our in-house workshop in Derbyshire. They are fully lined and finished with the correct tape, ready to be hung – hooks are included with each order. We also stock a selection of quality poles and tracks for your convenience.


Choose from a range of curtain headings


Pencil pleats

Probably the best known and most widely used. The small sharp, ‘pencil like’ pleats give a neat look. They are a flexible choice, suiting casual, contemporary and traditional furnishings.



Triple pleats

These are elegant, formal and crisp. The group of three pleats are evenly spaced apart. Also known as the French or pinch-pleat.

Double pleats

These create a more formal fuller folded look than a pencil pleat are simpler than a triple pleat.


As the name suggests, these are considered luxurious. The goblet shapes are placed at intervals along the curtains.


Contemporary curtain headings

These style uses slightly less material than traditional curtains headers and so is more economical.



An eyelet style is a modern alternative. The pole goes through the circular eyelet openings, folding the curtains into large even pleats.






Tab-top curtains create a simple, relaxed look. The curtains are hung by evenly spaced fabric tabs, which are the same material as the curtains.